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Linda Linda Juliana Salimeri ..Ai Ai

Blake Lively ♥ 

Blake Lively ♥ 

Michelle Borth ♥ 

Michelle Borth ♥ 

Aloha Michelle Borth
 for smoothdog & the H50 fandom

I still don’t like her, it’s not something I can control but This is a peace offering for the whole H50 fandom. Because there’s nothing I hate more than seeing the fandom in this stupid depressing status after an amazing week filled with wet & half naked Steve & Danno.

Let’s not think and worry about this for now… And let’s just be happy because Alex might be back on set sometimes next week and we get a brand new episodes in another 2 weeks!!

Aloha xx

elisha cuthbert ♥ 

elisha cuthbert.

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